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Are you looking to learn flash? If so you need to check out Flash, the Information you need. You will find all of these tutorials, source files and more...

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Flash, This Information you need

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Flash CS3 and CS4 Tutorials

Frenchsquared is a website dedicated to providing Great Flash ActionScript Tutorials. All Tutorials are guaranteed to work, if you have any issues please contact us immediately. You are free to use the code found within this site however you see fit. The only rule is that you do not sell these Flash Tutorials or redistribute these Flash Tutorials or any of the code found on this site. It would be greatly appreciated if you provided with a link back and perhaps even a recommendation.

Thank you,
Gordon French

ActionScript Basic Tutorials

Flash Tutorial 1 - Covers how to name an object, and startDrag method.
Flash Tutorial 2 - Functions, Passing Parameters, and Creating a text Field
Flash Tutorial 3 - Loops: For Loop, While Loop and Do While Loop

Making Flash Objects Listen

Flash Tutorial 1 - Create a Listener, and a Custom Mouse Curser
Flash Tutorial 2 - Continue with Listeners, and Create a Drop Down Menu
Flash Tutorial 3 - Keyboard Listeners, Control an Object with the Arrow Keys
Flash Tutorial 4 - Repeat Action, Flash Basics leading to Game Design

Controlling Flash Graphics

Flash Tutorial 1 - Creating Interactivity with the mouse, Drag and Drop
Flash Tutorial 2 - Controlling and Manipulating graphics with ActionScript 3.0
Flash Tutorial 3 - Dynamically create a button with ActionScript 3.0

Crash, Smash, No More

Flash Tutorial 1 - Detecting Collisions, Move a car when it is hit by another car.

Sound, Sound, Sound

Flash Tutorial 1 - Import and Dynamically Load audio files, how to play an .MP3.
Flash Tutorial 2 - SoundTransformation, Learn how to control Volume with a Volume Slider

Can you add, Flash can

Flash Tutorial 1 - Generate Random Numbers and Basic Math Equation
Flash Tutorial 2 - Date Method, How to create an Analog Clock
Flash Tutorial 3 - Date Method, How to create an Alarm Clock

Advanced Flash Features

Flash Tutorial 1 - Pre-loader, Learn how to use event listeners to get bytes loaded
Flash Tutorial 2 - Arrays, Learn some cool ActionScript Animation using Arrays
Flash Tutorial 3 - Create a Contact Form in Flash and PHP
Flash Tutorial 4 - Create an RSS Reader with actionscript (XML)



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