Thank You for purchasing Metamorphosis, the last theme you will ever need.

After you have Metamorphosis installed, you will need to start customizing it.

Morph - This page, simply used to give you some extra information and find us if you need support.

Layout - Lets you decide how you want your website to be laid out. You have 8 available options. To select one you need to click on the image of the layout you want, and click the save button.

Header - Here is where the real power lies. You can choose one of our background images or upload your own. But thats not everything. You can change the font color, font style, alignment, postition, and more..

Slider - Just what it sounds like, Metamorphosis comes with a slider that lets you chose what is displayed on your home page. Simply tell the slider what category to pull posts from, and your set. Make sure when writing a new post for the slider, you add a great image to go along with it.

Color - Ever find a great theme but it is not the colors you want? Not with Metamorphosis. You can change the color of anything and everything.

Social - Rather your confused about social media, or your a seasoned pro you will love the simplicity found within this theme. You only need to add your social media url and we take care of the rest.

Contact - How many themes provide you with an email form and a dynamic Google map? Let Metamorphosis create your contact page, add your address and your visitors will have a dynamic map to your location. Dont worry if you dont want to use a map, disable it.

Monetization - We have taken time to set up the best ad locations. You simply need to enable the ones you want. Then paste your AdSense or any other coding to the provide areas.

Questions? Comments? or need help, please visit Metamorphosis.