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Why Us?

1stepWebsite gives you the power to:

Do it Yourself

We enable any organization to easily publish a high quality, interactive web site. Our online tools allow anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection to easily control their online presence.

Complete Website Solution

A Complete Solution
We have included everything you'll need to make manage your own website. With only your web browser, you'll be able to design, modify, and maintain your own web site. We will setup the hosting, install our Content Managment System, install Metamorphosis, and send you the login information to your live working website..

About 1stepWebsite

About Us
1stepWebsite is owned and operated by Frenchsquared, LLC. Our corporate offices are based in Longmont Colorado. We utilize a vast network of servers to host our services. Those servers are spread out across the U.S. to minimize any possibility of service interruptions. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day by a team of highly trained technicians as well as by a third party monitoring service. We have been providing business web hosting and design services since 1999. Our client list includes companies and organizations all across the United States and in many countries around the world.

1stepWebsite compared to the other guys?

1 Step Website

The Other Guys

What You Get
Your paying for it. Know what to expect!

Simple Custom Website Overkill Extravagant Website Template Everyone Else Has

Design Fees
You need a unique image online, but no need to break the bank over it.

FREE $1,000+ No Custom Design

Monthly Fees
Ugh, let's keep it reasonable.!

$14.95 $59.95 $14.95

Your Time
Time is money. We save you time.

Only 15 Minutes Hours to Days Days

Play with the big boys. Have a professional email at You@Your-Site.com.

FREE $15 $15

Delivery Time
You needed a website yesterday, but we'll get you on tomorrow.

Online in 24 Hours Online in 3-6 weeks When you figure it out... Often never.

The world changes fast. Your site needs to keep up.

Quick & Easy "Order" your update, pay, & wait. Do it yourself... Good luck!

Sometime's you just need more then a tutorial.

Just an email away "Ask", pay, & wait. What Support!

Only $89.00

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